Many Ways to Land a Cushy Google Job

August 24, 2014

Whenever there is talk of best places to work at, Google invariably comes up and is invariably given favourable reviews. This positive, employee-friendly nature is a huge factor - some even say the most important factor - in Google's astonishing success.

There are many avenues of Google that make it a whole company rather than just an Internet search provider. Here are a few roles which may be of interest to students looking to start their careers with one of the behemoths of technology worldwide.

AdWords associate

More than salespeople, AdWords associates collaborate and continuously interact with clients to ensure that their results are in tune with goals and expectations.

Account manager

When businesses and companies bigger than individual or at-home startups buy Google advertising, account managers take care of their listings, keywords, promo placements and all related aspects. Once the day-to-day and routine advertising processes of clients are taken care of, they need to have a plan chalked out to attain long-term strategies and aims, which is where senior account managers take over.

Software engineer intern

An internship is a great way to both get an insider look at the way Google works and to showcase your innate skills in technology. Depending on how the internship goes, the company may make an offer of a permanent job as well.

Database and site administrator

The copious amounts of data that Google hosts, manages and sifts through to come up with progressive technology needs heavy maintenance and handling, requiring database administrators to be proficient at what they do. Since server downtime is suicide for internet-based companies, keeping up uninterrupted server availability is crucial to Google's success, hence its need for master administrators.

Accounting and FINANCIAL analyst

To diligently follow accounting practices and ensure proper tracking of FUND flows, companies such as Google need people who can handle the large and often intricate money matters in its employee base. Also, when venturing into new projects, the economic viability is judged by analysts for balanced decision making with regard to green lighting the project.

User interface designer

One of the most important jobs in the company is beautifying its products so that users are drawn into the Google experience without compromising on functionality and ease of use. This job calls for great synergy between outright creativity and core technological competence.

Network engineer

The intranet of Google is, quite obviously, its backbone. Without an efficient exchange and flow of ideas, decisions, code, memos, emails - all of which run on the intranet - the environment of the company would not be able to maintain its relaxed, non-process-oriented feel, since the internal network ensures in-office communication.

User experience researcher

Feedback is the driving force behind Google's continued innovations and attempts at breakthrough technology. Collecting, collating and analysing user feedback is extremely important to Google, and it requires talented social science and related majors to glean the wants, needs and desires of users.

Product MARKETING manager

Researching what users want is only good if it brings in revenue, and product MARKETERS do just that, by pitching appropriate products to clients and customizing the functions according to the clients' needs.

Software engineer

Google wouldn't exist without software engineers, since without programmers, there is no site, no algorithm to serve up ads, no spiders and robots to crawl the internet, no nothing. Some of the best minds of the software world make the cut, and many of them write groundbreaking code, driving Google's success. In addition, software researchers work on pushing the boundaries of tech, innovating things like Google Cars that are driverless and Google Glass, which is at the forefront of wearable technology.

Hardware engineers and researchers

Software can push existent hardware to its limits and energy-efficiency is closely tied to performance these days. Google has a phone business, wearable technology department, and scores of smaller projects that require cutting-edge hardware engineering.

Source: I.T.


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