Turn wealthy before the age of 30 with these top 9 careers

July 26, 2014

Living a healthy life is essential for all, but living a wealthy life is everyone's dream. And which

youngster wouldn't like to own all the comforts of life as early as in his mid 20's; the sooner the

better. At this age, it's common for people to be in a dilemma regarding the area of expertise

he should opt for and thus we present before you a list of jobs compiled by Muhammad Adeel

Javaid (a well known researcher), which could help you to reach the zenith of wealthy glory

before you turn 30.

Software Creator - A software creator is concerned with the development of a software

product. If you're tech savvy with a penchant for innovation and out of the box ideas, this job is

exactly your cup of tea. Requirement for a newly enhanced and high level software is the main

reason for its popularity and can help you make big bucks. This profession requires creative

problem-solving abilities along with an engineering degree. The numerous applications that

we operate from our cells in our day-to-day lives have all been an innovation of a software

developer. Apart from fixing bugs, coding-decoding, programming and designing, he should also

possess strong management and interpersonal skills.

Web Designers - If you like to play with the page format, attributing multiple-color combinations

to a page, providing an alluring design and catchy pictures to grab viewers' attention, web

designing is your destination. It is basically a website crating job, where your visual as well as

verbal skills are put to test. In a world full of competition, your creation should stand out unique

in comparison to others' work, giving a reason to viewers to prefer your website over others. A

very bright future awaits as the requirement for website creators is widening up by each passing


Investment Banker - A lucrative-but-not-so-easy-to-grab job, investment banking requires

laborious work and perfect critical understanding of stock market, finance and investment trade.

Your stock-selling capabilities as well as client convincing skills can take you to heights with a

huge amount of cash flowing into your pockets. Conducting research, maintaining and analysing

data in spreadsheets, report creation and interacting with the prospective clients, is what an

investment banker's daily routine composed of.

Management Consultant - You are in for it if you possess flawless communication and

presentation skills along with excellent corporate problem solving abilities with a nose for

detail orientation. Changes or enhancement in the existing company policies, management

problem solutions, mis-management solutions, ideas for expanding the business, preparing

business models and recommendations for the clients are all duties of a management or

business consultant. A minimum of a bachelor's degree in business management or business

administration is all that is required, with an advanced degree of MBA considered as an icing on

the cake, resulting in higher salary.

Engineer - Although the engineering exams are hard nuts to crack, once through, there is no

looking back as there is a large spectrum of fields to choose from. They may include chemical

engineering, mechanical engineering, agricultural engineering, civil engineering, electrical

engineering, geological engineering and so on. If science and math are the subjects you

excelled at, you might consider engineering as a career. A bachelor's job in engineering is

enough for an entry-level job.

Orthodontist - Want to make people smile? Simply become an orthodontist taking care of their

oral dental health. An orthodontist deals with deformed jaws, face and irregularly spaced teeth,

providing treatment for the same. A lot of time period is required in becoming a professional

orthodontist with a bachelor's degree and 2-3 years of training in an orthodontic residency.

Creating dentures, teeth moulds, fixing braces and performing monthly dental check-ups are a

part of an orthodontist's daily routine.

Author - The writing field faces a stiff competition with new and improved minds developing

and shaping ideas widening the reading choice of the readers. Anybody can be an author, if

he possesses great originally written, imaginative and innovative ideas or skills. If your work is

an instant hit, you not only would be enjoying great wealth, but also huge stardom. You must

possess a reasoning ability, so as to recognise what subject matter would interest the readers.

You might work on a fiction, non-fiction, biography, autobiography and the like, with a tinge of

uniqueness that would define your success rate.

Sales and Marketing - Proficient convincing skills and relevant experience are a must if you are

planning a career in sales and marketing. Initially you might have to work as a trainee, as bigger

roles are reserved mainly for professionals with prior experience. The basic function one has

to perform is that of assisting clients regarding any queries, ensuring timely execution of tasks

such as reaching sales goal, planning and implementing marketing strategy, staff development

and ensuring consumer satisfaction.

Entrepreneur - As best is always kept for the last, so is the career as an entrepreneur the most

exciting and sought after profession. If you have an understanding of business as a profession

and have innovative ideas, starting your own business is the perfect beginning. Throwing in

money for the same might be an initial challenge, but if you've got an idea and enough optimism

that it would work out, then it's all worth the risk. You might also opt for e-commerce so as to

make more profits out of your business, as the reach widens up globally. Source: T.I.


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