Google marks Lok Sabha Elections counting day with a doodle

May 16, 2014

New Delhi: As political parties brace for India's verdict on who will form the next government, an inked finger marks Google's 16th Lok Sabha Elections result doodle.

There are 543 constituencies and 9.3 lakh polling stations that were set up across the country for these elections.

To commemorate the elections and the tally process on May 16, Google has put out a simple and prolific doodle on its India homepage.

This doodle shows the 'Google' text but the alphabet 'L' has been modified into a voters fist and a finger has been shown.

This is an inked finger which shows the constitutional rights of every individual in the country.

The right that is bestowed as a fundamental one and is representational of individuals civil rights.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its allies are seen as favourites to win the maximum seats when results are announced today.


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